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You can easily find your holiday villa by entering your check-in & check-out dates or just ask for assistance, we'll find your dream holiday home in Turkey.

Bodrum Villa Rentals, which started to serve 12 years ago with the vision of offering unforgettable travel experiences in Bodrum, offers its valued guests Luxury and carefully selected Holiday Villas of Bodrum.

Today, Bodrum Villa Rentals is one of the oldest Villa rental agencies in Bodrum. We offer you unforgettable Travel Experiences with a wide portfolio of carefully selected villas that will maximize your holiday experience in all resorts of Bodrum.


The word trust is our Philosophy.

We offer you weekly, monthly or seasonal rental services from our carefully selected villas in Bodrum. We are always with you to ensure that your every wish comes true during your stay, through first-class services.

Private Pool Villas

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Villa Rental

We think that the most important detail when making your holiday plans is to be able to get rid of all the tiredness of a working year at the end of your holiday. Maybe the most beautiful and fun way to do this is to spend a good time alone with your loved ones.

If you have never experienced it, villa rental may be a different holiday flavor for you. Rental villas and rental summer houses, where you can be comfortable as if you are vacationing in your own home, away from the crowds of hotels, open the door to a different lifestyle for you.

Villa vacation means the days you will spend regardless of any time period of the day, the home cooking that your taste buds are used to, the TV programs you love to watch, and the presence of your loved ones by your side.

Of course, vacationing in a rental villa does not distract you from social life. Most of the rental villas and summer houses have very large communal swimming pools, beaches and piers, social spaces where social activities are abundant.

You can make new friendships whenever you want, and have fun with other guests at joint events. Villa rental also offers you a house where you can host your guests during the day.

If you have benefited from our private pool villa rental service, the villa you rent offers you special advantages in addition. The most important advantage is hygiene and you will have the advantage of using a private swimming pool only for you. This also means that your pool fun is special.

Some villas in our portfolio are very sheltered and their pools are not visible from the surrounding area. This means that your pool entertainment will be completely special for you and your loved ones during your villa holiday.

Eva Bodrum offers you many holiday villa options. You just decide how you should vacation.

If you can't decide which region you want to have a holiday in, we recommend the region that suits your preferences and offer you the most suitable villa rental service.

Advantages of renting a villa.

In fact, we talked about the advantages of renting a villa in general above. If we list them in terms of items, the following sequence emerges.

1. The place where you will spend your holiday is a private rental villa, in other words, your own temporary summer house. You can continue your daily habits that you maintain in your own home without interruption.

2. You don't have to change your eating habits during your holiday in a rental villa, and you don't have to worry about food hygiene.

3. Most rental villas and summer houses have private gardens. At least there is a section for the villa you rent in shared areas and offers a private area for barbecues and private hours. However, please note that there are exceptions for barbecue.

Barbecuing is prohibited in some sites where there are villas or summer houses very close to each other.

4. The comfort of family vacation is much higher than in hotels. You can have rooms for family members, or you can have separate rooms for parents and children. Rental villas offer the opportunity to have a holiday like your own home, not like hotel customers.

5. It's not likely to snuggle into comfortable chairs in a hotel and watch your favorite TV shows or have deep conversations. In villas and rental summer houses, foreign ears are far away from you, neither they will be disturbed nor you will be disturbed.

6. Many large rental villas can offer accommodation for more than one family. You can take advantage of our villa rental service with your family friends who want to have a holiday. With a large rental villa, you will reduce both your holiday budget and accommodation costs, unlike holidaying in a hotel.

7. Rental villas with private pools, which are among our private pool villa rental options, also eliminate your hygiene concerns for the pool. If you choose between sheltered villas (Such sheltered villas are unfortunately few in number) your pool entertainment will be completely private.

What should we pay attention to when renting a villa, what kind of rental villa should we choose?

This completely depends on your personal preferences or what kind of holiday your loved ones are planning to spend the holiday with, but first of all, it is useful to talk about one thing that is certain about renting a villa.

Some villas and summer houses require a private vehicle due to their location. These villas, which are far from the routes of public transport, cause problems in transportation if you do not have a private vehicle. These types of rental villas usually have private pools.

For this reason, before renting a villa, you should first obtain location information for the rental villa you intend to rent.

Another issue you should pay attention to about the location is how you can reach a shopping center when you want to shop.

If there is someone in your group who has frequent health problems or needs regular health care, you may want to be close to a health centre.

Rental villas can host a certain number of guests with their room and bed capacity. We plan to rent a villa

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